Running Commentary

I think I am getting the hang of these things...

This Saturday marks one month of running, and yet I hesitate to call myself a runner. The jury is still out on whether or not I enjoy the process, but I am starting to look for new sneakers, so I guess I will be sticking with it...

I decided to reflect on this running journey so far. I have an app on my phone called "Runkeeper" and I am finding it really odd that I feel so accountable to it. I also have been posting my runs on I feel weirdly accountable to everyone who hits "like" underneath my accomplishments. This never would have happened before my iPhone. I maybe would have tried running once but gave up fast.

In the beginning I DID NOT enjoy it. The first time I ran in the rain, I thought I might be crazy.

Then I started noticing that I had more energy on the days that I ran (later on, of course, after the burning in my lungs subsided).

Also...much like when I was doing yoga classes every day...I felt more connected to my entire body.

And, most shockingly of all...I have found myself opting in to more exercise, like stretching dog walking to a mile...and making sure my runkeeper hits that next mile if I am uber close (I ran 1.99 miles the other day and it killed me that I had already saved the activity).

Today, Runkeeper had me do a 45 minute walk and I decided to throw some music into the experience. Fantastic idea. It changed the energy in my body...the music filling me up (I really really wanted to start singing, but refrained out of respect for the neighbors).

So, bizarrely enough...I seem to be running. I am even signing up for a beginners class that starts right after Easter. So I will be openly acknowledging my running to the local running community. AND...the class ends with entering a 5k.

Who am I???


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