New Year, New View

Found on a walk with Sam
I had a rather different New Year's Day. Usually I try to be all zen and chill and this year I felt the urge to take control of some technical/work things and as a result, I became angry and frustrated...
Sam was even freaking out about it. I feel like I have been holding in my angst and frustration about certain things and it sort of overflowed upon the arrival of the New Year. Then I worried about it. I worried that I was "Less Than" for expressing my upset. Had a ruined the day? The tone of the impending New Year????? So my New Year's lesson (hopefully) is that we all make mistakes and lose our temper at seemingly inappropriate times. But every day brings the chance at starting over. Actually...every minute. I suppose what matters is how we bounce back following those "falling apart" moments. We apologize when possible...we regroup and see how we can do better going forward. I suppose my task for the coming year is to assert myself appropriately and intentionally. Mindfully. I still don't know that I have a word for 2018. "Power" seems too harsh. I do intend on revisiting my desire to live a "Gentle & Dynamic" life. So maybe I need to ask that I come into my personal power gently and dynamically. With Purpose.


Happy 2018. XO