"The Lion's Share" Has a New Look!

Sketches and finished design

I'm so pleased to be able to unveil my new website and logo designs! With a little help from my friends...

A while ago I started having a hard time working on the back end of my site. It was painfully in need of being updated software-wise, so I contacted my friend Jay (who I met while working at TV Guide Magazine) and hired him to do the technical stuff. I decided to invest in help because I was feeling burnt out and overwhelmed in more ways than one. He suggested I pick a whole new template in order to do it right. Now, I chafe at the idea of change sometimes...especially when I identify with things strongly...but this time around I was ready for the new. I chose a lighter, earthier template to go along with all the changes in my world, and things began. The test site went up, my personally-designed logo got popped in at the top, and....Oh.

It didn't look right. My first thought was, "Damn! I need a new logo." and my second thought was, "I don't have it in me to design one that will accurately capture me and my business. So I enlisted another friend (who I met on Iona). Erin at Impluvium Studios did such a gorgeous job! I highly recommend her for a really heart-centered logo design experience. I'm totally in love. 

The website is still under construction, but as in life, nothing is ever really fully finished (or ever perfect) so best just jump in and start.

I'm very excited, and a little nervous...truth be told...to get back into regular blogging again. I feel like my voice has changed a lot over the past few years and it's taking more courage than I thought to share it fully once again. 

As always, thank you for reading.