Happy Valentine's Day!

heart in sand

Welcome to the official new home of The Lion's Share! Since this website and company is a labor of love, I thought Valentine's Day would be a good time to officially unveil her...

I've spent the entire weekend at my Sister and Brother-in-law's NYC home babysitting for my nephews as well as being treated to some delicious food!  I've also been able to work on this site while drinking coffee and chatting with my Sis in her kitchen...and knitting what I'm referring to as, my "Iona cardigan." All good things that remind me of the flow of how I want to live...working for myself.

This new site has been such an important step in all of that and I am so excited! I'd love to hear from folks in the comments section...and if I've captioned any photos incorrectly, please enlighten me! It is all, of course, a work in progress...for instance, the photo galleries will take a while (but Scotland is up :).

Of course, now that I've moved over here, I can't decide what to write about! So maybe I should take this time to reflect on all the things I love and am grateful for. You can never do enough of that.

I'm very grateful to this blog and blogger for being my home for the past 2+ years.  I'm super grateful to my friend Jay for patiently answering all my website related questions during my redesign and for encouraging me to go ahead and do it in the first place!

I love the direction my life is taking and all the people who support and inspire me...the books that come my way, the motivating conversations that let me know I've finally found the right track...the SARK forum, ABCcreativity, my herbal teacher and Sisters...

I am grateful for focus and for play...for silliness and heart breaking beauty...

Long dinners with good friends

Good beer and Scotch...

Prayers, music and swaying trees...



Space to breathe


I'm grateful to be me.

I'm grateful for you.