Scraping the Fridge

I have come to the remains of my refrigerator...and thank goodness it's payday because that's grocery day too!!!

This week has been mostly about making due with what I had in the kitchen and buying food to fill in the gaps due to a weekend away, some late nights at work, followed by over-sleeping on my free mornings and letting my apartment, once again, fall apart on me.

I'm trying, like always, to not obsess about my lack of domestic skills when it comes to keeping my place tidy.  It's more lack of time and manpower than skill, to be fair.

Maybe I need to purge again.  My dvd and book shelves have started to over-flow once more after taking a bunch of stuff home from my office.  And the closet could also due with some attention.

This weekend, however, is going to be about catching up.  Catching up on sleep, groceries, dishes, taxes and my favorite TV shows.  I'll have to be a little more proactive than my last long weekend :)  So no lounging for hours in my big orange chair (I might get buried with laundry if I do that, anyway).

The above photo is some leftover red cabbage that was floundering in my fridge. I cooked it up with some soy sauce (or in this case, liquid aminos), garlic powder, seaweed gomasio, and a touch of olive oil. It reminds me of a dish I had while staying at Newbold House (in Scotland) in 2008. I loved how they made everything simply, straight from the garden and to share. It's how I dream of cooking in the future.