Every Little Bit Counts...

I've been thinking about my dreams and goals and what they need right now...and once again, I need to give myself a break and realize that all steps in the right direction count.  They don't have to be enormous leaps, either. Sometimes doing simple little tasks make the way clearer.

I had intended on taking this long, President's Day weekend to overhaul my whole apartment...wash dishes, do laundry, get my tax information put together (after a little bit of rest on Saturday as I like to do).

The weekend started off well. I stopped off on the way home, Friday, to pick up a stuffed cheddar burger and fries at "The Flip Side" and then vegged a bit in front of some Torchwood with a Guinness to wash it all down with. Bliss.

Saturday morning found me relaxing in front of Hulu and OnDemand with tea and breakfast. Then intermittently washing dishes, knitting on my sweater and continuing to catch up on Bones for the rest of the day (I had my grocery delivery in the afternoon, too. I tried kippered baked salmon for the first time and loved it!!!) I was still decompressing from the week.

Then, Sunday...I wasn't feeling well...so I ended up in my big orange chair a lot but still getting up to put clothes away and wash more dishes...etc...

I realized that this was paralleling how I'm feeling about managing and going after goals right now. I tend to get into a funk when there is a bit of a lull in activity between achievements. And last week had been no different. In the wake of launching my new website and getting a promotion (yes!) things started to feel a little uncomfortable. I started thinking about everything, worrying a little...and then I thought, "If I got everything I wanted/needed all at once, my head would explode."

So I have decided to acknowledge that most of the time my progress is made by simple tasks such as putting away stray clothes or washing the dishes in my sink...because when my kitchen is somewhat in order, I have the space to make a batch of completely experimental chocolate chip cookies with pancake mix...

And, after all, isn't that what life's all about?