Dreams Come True


A year ago today I was on Iona beginning "Pilgrimage for Change" with John Philip and Ali Newell. Little did I know how much of a catalyst that week would be...

Today I am announcing, officially, that I will be leaving New York City to volunteer on Iona for 5 months starting in June (I am going to be working in the Abbey Kitchen and in Housekeeping).

Then I will be able to travel a bit more ;)

This has been a long time in coming and there are moments when I almost can't believe that it's all real.

But it is!

I will be writing more about all of this...however right now I am a little exhausted from all the upheaval that is going on. Lots of changes.

The structure of this blog is going to begin to change in order to reflect the shift in my lifestyle, but I intend on documenting the whole process. I suggest that anyone wanting to follow me should subscribe to this blog since my post may become a little erratic :)

But for now...