Rooted & Grounded in Love

One magical day this Summer

"Rooted and grounded in love" was a sentence I read during a pilgrimage session on my first trip to Iona and it sort of stuck with me (as things from Iona tend to do). I have been thinking about roots, lately, in terms of work, living, name it...I've been thinking about it...

 It seems like I have been searching, for a long time, to find a place where I feel I fit. Maybe that is never something that can be fully realized...or perhaps I just haven't found it yet. For the past few years everything has been, or felt, temporary...but I guess life is always a work in progress.

I want to make sure that my dissatisfaction (if I can call it that) will only keep manifesting good and positive growth in my life and not be a symptom of the constant "what's next and better" mentality a lot of people seem to suffer from these days. I want to be able to be present within my life and keep striving to become a better human and help continue to develop my life's work and keep learning.

I hope to keep feeling "rooted and grounded by love" as I follow my path and I also hope that I find the puzzle pieces I've been looking what ever way they show up during my journey. I only pray that I have enough wisdom and clarity to recognize them when they appear.


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