Holiday Kitchen Roundup

All Good things

I spent a decent amount of time in the (home) kitchen over the holidays and I thought I'd take the time to share the recipes/websites/ebooks with you all. There is a lot of wonderful stuff out there for us to make!!!


The first thing I made was Elder Flower Cordial. It is one of the best things I have ever tasted and makes a wonderful homemade soda. You can also bake and use it in recipes. Next, I am going to use it in some icing. I also decided to make some preserved lemons with the leftover meyer lemons and used a recipe from a friend's e-boo, "Slow Eats Fast - Condiment Cookbooklet" I can't wait to use them in a recipe. The whole concept really appeals to my love of making kitchen staples.

Then, I made dog biscuits for all the special puppies in my life. You will have to wait for that recipe though, because I am devoting a whole post to them. I used an old recipe we used to make for my dog when I was a kid (and I tweaked it, as I am known to do).

Next...I baked a whole mess of Lentil Chocolate Chip Cookies, which I have talked about on here before. This time, though, I made a vegan/GF version for a friend by swapping out the butter and chocolate chips for vegan products and the flour etc with brown rice and coconut flour. I also omitted the nuts and oats because they didn't come from a dairy/GF facility...but smart shoppers could put them back in!

And last, but certainly not least, were Outlander Kitchen's Double Chocolate Icebox Shortbread with Smoky Whisky Sugar. Dear God, these things are crazy. I used dark chocolate for the cookies and the swish of chocolate on top and Jura Whisky for the sugar (I was also told I could use a teaspoon of vanilla extract instead of the vanilla bean). The only think I would like more about them, is if I had used a smokier whisky because I think the sugar would have popped and added more depth of flavor...but I used what I had!!! I can confirm that they pair really well with chocolatey beers but have yet to try one with whisky...that is my next thing ;)

Happy Cooking!


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