Striving to Practice the Arts of Pilgrimage

Goodies At Camino Class

Just like last week, I have Pilgrimage on the brain. This week I thought I'd share the Arts of Pilgrimage by Buddha. I have been thinking about them a lot and how I want to live my life by the list (as closely as I can)...

Practice the art of:

~Attention and listening (as a health coach I really want to be mindful of these).

~Renewing yourself every day (self care is so important so you can be there for others).

~Meandering towards the center of every place (I love the way this one sounds. I take it as living from my heart-center).

~Ritual of reading sacred texts (I am lacking here...)

~Gratitude & praise singing (I write a daily gratitude list and singing has become a huge part of my life and well being...I take singing lessons to increase my courage and bring out my voice and I am a member of the church choir).

I am finding a lot more direction while focusing on these things.


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