"Life Shrinks and Expands According to One's Courage..."

Written on a classroom wall

This theme has come up again and again in my life. Sometimes God does make us swim, but other times we need to choose to jump out of the boat. I am feeling like it is one of those times again...


I actually used the above photo a little while back for The Wayfarer's Journey Braid. I am thinking about it differently today.

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life:


Heading Into Another New Year


Rooted and Grounded in Love


Walking My Way


Striving to Practice the Arts of Pilgrimage


Refocusing, Renewing, Reviving...




Now, I am re-focusing on my original goal for working in the kitchen at a retreat house. I am certainly more qualified now.

Over the Summer, my life had shrunk a lot (living in the country) and then I got a little brave and left the situation...now things are much more open (and busy!)

I also plucked up my courage and auditioned for a vocal ensemble this past Sunday. It was not a great showing of how I can really sing, but I did it! And if my some chance I got in, I will have a great time singing with some wonderful artists.

I suppose you can also count allowing Sam to adopt me into this category. It takes a lot of courage to let yourself love another creature and my world has certainly expanded because of it.


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