Trying to Get Fit

I'm not sure I know how to use these...

When I was in High School, I decided to join the Crew team. This was a decision made by a girl who hated sports, had asthma and no endurance. I'm not sure I've come much farther but I am more active and no longer take prescribed medication for my asthma, so I am hopeful...

It has become obvious that I really need to include more exercise in my life. This is hard when I feel exhausted all the time due to two jobs and other responsibilities. Also, if I want to (hopefully) do The West Highland Way in 2016...finances and schedule permitting...then I need to get in better shape.

When I spent two months in California, I was doing yoga every day (sometimes twice) and I felt really good! I would walk to the class and back and the variety of types of yoga kept me on my toes. I have tried to do some yoga since then but I miss the class setting and the ease of walking there! It was also a very affordable package...something that is rare.

SO...I am thinking about joining a beginner's running class in the Spring. This is definitely NOT something I thought I'd ever express interest in but I am surrounded by running stuff every day and sort of want to see what the hype is all about. It's affordable and only 8 weeks long.

Here's to getting fit and trying new things!