Seasonings Change

Dill, oh how I used to hate you...unless in pickle form...

Lately I've been experiencing some interesting things...namely, liking foods I used to HATE. First it was cucumbers (I blame Greek Salads, in Greece), then I didn't mind watermelon all that much...I used to hate wine and beer (can you imagine!) I'm sort of a fan of dill. I am waiting to jump on the cilantro band wagon but that might be longer in coming. It just goes to show you that we not only need to be trying new things, but re-trying some old ones. You may be surprised and open up a whole new world...


Over the summer I fell a little bit in love with watermelon, feta and mint in salads (my family will be thrilled) and then just this week, at work, I found myself breathing in the aroma of fresh dill from my cutting board with something akin to bliss. Who am I???

As a cook, I can maybe attribute this to the fact that I work with these items a lot, therefore have gotten used to them, but I have even been enjoying some fragrances that I used to shy away from, namely rose...which I am about to use in some of my handmade moisturizer.

Our tastes definitely change as we get older...with a lot of stuff. Maybe we lose some of the fear which comes with trying new things? In terms of food, our taste buds do dull over time so we find certain (strong) flavors more palatable as we age; and our bodies go through so many changes that it's no wonder we crave certain things our systems may be newly in need of.

I find it all very fascinating.


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